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What Is First Contentful Paint (FCP)?

Evgeni Yordanov, NitroPack LLC

On the web, first impressions are everything. And with a slow FCP, you don’t have a chance of making even a decent first impression. Read more…

Everything You Need To Know About First Input Delay (FID)

Evgeni, NitroPack

FID represents one of the three pillars of Google's Core Web Vitals program - Interactivity. Measuring your FID is also a great way to determine the first impression your website makes. Read more...

What is Total Blocking Time (TBT)? [New Page Speed Metric]

Evgeni Yordanov, NitroPack LLC

Users hate unresponsive pages. But not all unresponsive pages are the same. The TBT metric measures the severity of the unresponsiveness by performing a granular analysis of each task on the main thread. Read more...

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