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Decrease your website's load time and pass Core Web Vitals with NitroPack. All optimization features you need for a lightweight and speedy store running on Magento 2.

NitroPack on Magento

Don't worry about page speed ever again

Get NitroPack and see up to a 69% PageSpeed score boost. Simply install the extension and let us run all optimizations on autopilot for you.

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Get the complete speed optimization package

With NitroPack, your Magento 2 site gets the full treatment from a single extension. No more manual tweaking of separate plugins, rely on fully-automated optimizations.

  • Cache Warmup
  • Lazy Loading
  • Lossy & Lossless Image Compression
  • WebP conversion
  • Free CDN
  • HTML, CSS, and JS Minification, Compression
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It's one of those pieces of software that seems too good to be true, but we trailed it on our website, with great results and now recommend it for our customers' sites.

Jon Newlyn, Trustpilot review
Plug Into Integrations

Plug into your existing Magento 2 infrastructure

Use your existing caching infrastructure, or upgrade to NitroPack’s in a matter of seconds for even greater performance gains. Compatible with:

  • Varnish

Serve optimized content globally at no extra cost

Scale with a massive server network that spans over 100 countries to reach your site visitors faster than ever. The best thing - the CDN is already included and set to work synchronously with NitroPack.

Serve Optimized Content Globally

Perfect for high-traffic situations

NitroPack's advanced caching mechanism is ideal for high-traffic situations like ad campaigns. It ensures a high cache hit ratio and low server overhead.

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Each visitor hits your server with a unique URL request.

Automatic Smart Warmup

Ignores campaign parameters in the URL when looking up a cache file for the campaign request.

You lose your cache, if you update content on your site.

Smart Cache Invalidation

Refreshes the cache files in the background. Your audience will never run into an unoptimized page.

Serve Optimized Content Globally

Solve any issue with our 24/7 expert support

All NitroPack customers get access to our round-the-clock support team for help with general and technical site speed issues

Try NitroPack today.

Simple set up, instant results.

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For a rapid page loading experience, NitroPack is the way to go!

George Papatheodorou,
SEO Consultant

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