Speed up all of your client sites with a single service

The NitroPack agency program is crafted to allow your design, dev or marketing agency to offer high-quality speed optimization service to end customers.

Special Agency Plans

We offer custom pricing plans with a built-in discount for agency partners who take care of :

  • Client billing;
  • Level 1 (non-dev) support cases;
  • Installing and configuring NitroPack on client websites.

Once you have an agency account, you can add and manage thousands of sites from it.

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Special Agency Plans
Customizable pricing

Customizable Pricing

As an agency partner, you can have a pricing plan that's tailored to your needs, depending on:

  • The number of websites you want to use NitroPack on;
  • Their combined monthly pageviews;
  • Their combined monthly CDN usage (which we calculate).
Learn more about NitroPack's agency pricing

Simple Account Management

Controlling your account and its resources is child's play:

  • Speed settings for all sites are available in your Dashboard;
  • Quotas let you set limited pageviews and CDN bandwidth for client sites;
  • Overages ensure optimizations continue even after exceeding your plan's limits.
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Learn more about Overages
Resource Management

Quick and Easy Onboarding

Use our resources to easily onboard and manage client websites. Besides our Help Desk, we've created a special Agency Handbook with information on:

  • NitroPack's most important features;
  • Managing sites from your agency account;
  • Common L1 support cases and how to solve them.
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About Agencies and NitroPack.

There are two ways you can partner with us by reselling or recommending NitroPack:

1. Reseller agreement. For these instances, we provide heavily discounted rates to partners who take care of billing the end customer with their margin on top. The partners also handle L1 support. End customers don't communicate directly with us. We do this with hosting companies, support companies, digital agencies, etc. We commonly refer to these subscriptions as 'agency plans'.

2. Affiliate agreement. Here, we directly bill and communicate with end customers who get a 5% discount through the affiliate partner. The affiliate partner gets 20% commission for every sale made through their affiliate link, recurring for up to 18 months. We do this with affiliate marketers, influencers, freelancers and agencies that don't handle billing and L1 support for their customers. You can find all the details in our affiliate terms and conditions:

Please note that it's not possible to receive affiliate commissions for sites in your own subscription. If you purchase an agency plan (reseller agreement) you can sell NitroPack to your clients with a margin to make it profitable for you.

However, you can earn commissions on sales through an affiliate link for sites that are not in your agency account. In other words, it's possible to be a reseller and an affiliate for NitroPack.

On one hand, you can resell NitroPack and manage sites from your account. At the same time, you can have an affiliate link and earn a commission for customers who buy a plan and create their own NitroPack account.

You can think of your agency plan as a master subscription. All websites in your agency account use resources (i.e., pageviews and CDN bandwidth) from this master subscription.

Here's how we calculate the resources needed for your agency plan:

For each site, NitroPack's pricing is determined by the number of pageviews and the CDN bandwidth generated every month.

The monthly pageviews can be easily checked with Google Analytics. Just go to the Audience report, click on Overview and select a one month period.

CDN bandwidth is a bit trickier to measure. In general, larger pages with more resources (like images, fonts, CSS and JavaScript) generate more CDN usage than leaner pages. You can find more details about the CDN usage here:

You don't need to calculate this CDN usage for your websites beforehand. We know the standard ratio of pageviews to CDN bandwidth and apply it automatically. That's why we only ask for the number of websites and their combined monthly pageviews to create your agency plan.

However, if you have any concerns, you can always ask our team to add more CDN bandwidth to your account.

Also, you can ask our team to give you more details about the price per site for your account. This can help you calculate your margin, depending on how much you charge each of your clients for NitroPack.

Level 1 (L1) support cases can be solved using NitroPack's Dashboard UI. Here are a few examples:

Installing and configuring NitroPack;

Switching between different NitroPack modes;

Integrating NitroPack with Cloudflare, Sucuri, reverse proxies and hosting providers.

We provide examples of common L1 support cases and how to solve them in our Agency Handbook.

Level 2 (L2) support cases require bug fixes and custom development work. For these problems, you should always contact our support team.

You can contact our sales team and they'll give you a link to upgrade or downgrade your account to your desired level.

Please bear in mind that you can't go from a yearly to a monthly plan. You can only go from a monthly to a yearly or switch between different monthly/yearly plans.

Right now, this isn't possible. You can have only one payment method and invoice for the entire account.

Yes. You can create Quotas for specific sites, which let you allocate monthly pageviews and CDN bandwidth to a website or websites. That way, you can prevent one site from using up most or all of your master subscriptions resources.

For now, Quotas aren't generally available. You can ask our support team and they'll enable them for you.

Typically, when a website runs over its limits, NitroPack is automatically disabled. The site continues to function normally, but NitroPack doesn't optimize it.

In these cases, you can continue using NitroPack by:

Waiting until the next month when your resource usage resets;

Upgrading to a pricing plan with more resources.

However, we also have Overages for our agency partners.

Overages let you continue using NitroPack after exceeding the plan's limits without having to upgrade to a higher one. With Overages, our service doesn't stop optimizing your sites when you run over the resource limit.

After exceeding your plan's limits, there are charges for extra CDN usage, pageviews and websites when Overages are enabled:

1 extra GB of CDN bandwidth - $0.4/mo

20,000 extra pageviews - $3/mo

1 extra website - $7/mo

Like Quotas, overages aren't enabled by default. Contact our sales team and they'll enable them for you.

This depends on how the multisite installation is configured.

If all websites share the same top-level domain (example.com/en, example.com/es, example.com/bg) NitroPack can optimize them. However, you have to add each one to your account and connect it as its own entity.

In this case, NitroPack optimizes all pages separately, even if they have the same content in different languages. That's why each version is charged as a separate site, based on its pageviews and CDN bandwidth.

On the other hand, NitroPack is not compatible with installations that don't share the same top-level domain. For instance, example.com , example.de, example.en, example.bg.

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