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Caching 101 - Overview and Types 

Ana, NitroPack

Here is the 1st chapter of our blog series on caching. Featuring tips to help you choose the best partner for your needs.

A Complete Guide on PageSpeed Insights Reports

Ana from NitroPack

Undoubtedly, we are all trying to get to the almighty 90+ green scores on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to drill down into how PageSpeed Insights reports are calculated and how to fully leverage the information provided.

What is Smart Invalidation & Why Your Website Needs It

Ana, NitroPack

Phil Karlton famously said ‘There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.’ Luckily, with NitroPack you wouldn’t have to worry about how difficult cache invalidation is - we provide it pre-configured and ready to use asap.

New NitroPack Connector for OpenCart Released!

Daniel Grigorov, NitroPack LLC

We've just released a new major version of OpenCart connector! Version 2.5 for OpenCart 2.x and version 3.5 for OpenCart 3.x, are now available with important new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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