NitroPack 2022 In Review: Site Speed Optimizations for Real-World Results

Last updated on Sep 13th, 2023 | 3 min

For a company to move forward year after year, it must have an answer to the following question:

How can we provide our customers with better results?

In our case, the question is:

How can we enhance our service to make our customers’ websites even faster?

At the beginning of 2022, we arrived at a four-fold answer:

And now, as we round out 2022, it’s time to look back at our initial goals and what we achieved.

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All NitroPack Customers Rely on 4x Better Service

Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide trust NitroPack with their site’s performance. They all rely on our service to provide lightning-fast load times and world-class user experience. 

By installing NitroPack, they don’t just get a site speed solution. But the certainty that no matter if it’s a regular Monday or a high-traffic period like Black Friday, their website will perform exceptionally. 

That’s why the primary goal throughout the year was “leveling up our service’s stability.”

Here’s what we did to improve NitroPack’s stability: 

  • Performed four infrastructure updates
  • Introduced 801 backend improvements
  • Deployed 157 stability fixes

These efforts led to quadrupling the throughput of our service:

  • From 900K+ to 5M+ optimized pages per day
  • From 4B+ to 10B+ pages seen by real-world users 
  • From 696M+ to 1B+ CSS files optimized
  • From 700M+ to 1B+ JavaScript files optimized

Infrastructure updates

But the most significant achievement was that:

All our users now reap the benefits of using 4x more reliable, effective, and efficient NitroPack service.

For Yet Another Year, Users Achieved Excellent Real-World Results with NitroPack

At the end of the day, all the efforts we put in to constantly improve NitroPack is to allow our users to achieve real-world results.

In other words, passing their Core Web Vitals

Note: Core Web Vitals are a set of three metrics measuring a page’s load time, visual stability, and page interactivity, and they are based on real-user data.

According to the Global Core Web Vitals report, оur users achieved second-to-none results using NitroPack.

Core Web Vitals report

Fast Site, Happy Customers: 90.63% of all NitroPack optimized pages loaded within 3 seconds

Akamai research on page load time

According to a study conducted by Akamai:

“If a web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you could lose nearly half of your visitors.”

Well, in 2022, 90.63% of all NitroPack-optimized pages didn’t have to face this issue:

90% of all NitroPack optimized pages load within 3 seconds

As a matter of fact, on average, NitroPack sped up all web pages with 3 seconds - that’s roughly a 21% increase in conversions.

Customers Enjoyed Even Faster Load Times Using The Latest NitroPack Optimization Features

Going back to the question we started with:

How can we enhance our service to make our customers’ websites even faster?

In 2022, we expanded NitroPack’s toolbox with another three innovative features:

Font Subsetting

Unique for the industry, our font subsetting feature automatically creates a subset version of the original font file by removing all unused glyphs. As a result, it can reduce its size drastically, making it much faster to load by the browser. Read more →

Since its release six weeks ago, font subsetting saved 4TB+ by optimizing our users' website fonts. 

Adaptive Image Sizing

Unoptimized images harm a site’s load times. Adaptive Image Sizing makes images match the dimensions of the containers they’re displayed in across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. As a result, it shaves off hundreds of hours on repetitive resizing tasks and reduces image file sizes up to 4 times. Read more →

ECommerce Cart Cache 

ECommerce Cart Cache is a caching feature that enables fast browsing in a WooCommerce store with items in the cart. In other words, all online shoppers can add items to their cart without affecting the load times of a web page. As a result, all eCommerce owners can expect an increase in purchase value. Read more →

Quote from NitroPack's CTO


Provided our Users with Tools for Success

Site speed is what we offer, and the results of fast load time are why our users trust us.

But as people that operate in the web performance industry daily, we understand that our users deserve more than just a service to achieve their goals. 

That’s why in the past year, we not only worked on stepping up NitroPack’s performance but providing our customers with extra tools for success as well:

24/7 World-Class Support

Without our customers, there is no NitroPack. So whenever they need us, we have to be there for them. That’s why we introduced round-the-clock support

NitroPack offers 24/7 support

Free Educational Hub

The web performance world could be a tough one to navigate alone.

And in 2022, we put a lot of effort into publishing helpful content that would allow our readers to be confident when dealing with complex performance issues.

Your favorite articles:

  1. How To Fix Cumulative Layout Shift
  2. What Is Largest Contentful Paint and How to Improve It
  3. How to Lazy Load Offscreen Images

A Dedicated Site Speed Community

Our private Facebook group of people using NitroPack and others interested in performance optimization grew even bigger.

Join 880+ Speed Enthusiasts

Joint webinar with Google in front of 2,000+ registered guests

We dedicated this event to all things Core Web Vitals, WordPress, and practical steps for excellent site performance.

NitroPack held joint webinar with Google


What’s next for NitroPack in 2023?

All the steps we took in the past 365 days were to solidify our service and allow us to scale it up even further. 

In simpler terms, our decisions in 2022 will lead to an even better 2023.

In fact, we have already started working on several projects so that all NitroPack customers can expect tremendous new improvements:

  • Stats-rich dashboard and improved visibility on how and what exactly we help you optimize. 
  • A true personalization and flexibility of our offering, so it gives no boundaries on how much a customer grows with us 
  • Advancements in web performance and user experience

And last but not least - ensuring even better Core Web Vitals results.

Quote from NitroPack's CTO

Stay tuned!

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