NitroPack.IO vs. Self-hosted NitroPack Cache for OpenCart

Oct 22, 2020 | 6 min

See the 10 reasons that make NitroPack.IO superior to the old NitroPack Cache for OpenCart

How does the new NitroPack.IO compares to the old self-hosted OpenCart NitroPack? We’ve got this question multiple times, so let’s dig into the details. 

#1 Compliant with Speed Requirements

By design, NitroPack.IO is implemented to meet the ever-changing innovation on speed improvements coming up from Google.

#2 Faster Website, Better Score

NitroPack.IO introduces significant improvements that relate to website loading. Your website scripting now enjoys web workers. Your images now enjoy lazy-loading. Your server now enjoys less PHP code being run. Your resources now enjoy HTTP2. Your website now enjoys DNS prefetching.

#3 Optimizations as a Service

No longer the merchants will spend processing power to optimize their pages. Instead, all of the tough CPU-intensive logic is now handled by our servers. This leads to great CPU improvements on the merchant website.

#4 Optimized for Google PageSpeed V5 with Lighthouse

Google PageSpeed Version 5 is the latest and provides both real-world data from the Chrome User Experience Report and lab data from Lighthouse. NitroPack.IO is optimized to provide a high score for this latest PageSpeed version unlike the self-hosted NitroPack which works up to Google PageSpeed V4. Google PageSpeed results are now extremely important as speed is now officially a ranking factor for Google Search.

#5 Built-in CDN for Resources

NitroPack.IO automatically enables CDN for your fonts, CSS, JS, and image files, all served via HTTP2 from the nearest edge location of Amazon.

#6 Cache Invalidation vs Cache Purge

In the old self-hosted NitroPack for OpenCart, we only supported cache purge which deletes the cache files and the site loads more slowly to generate new cached pages. With the new NitroPack.IO, we added "invalidation". With it, the previous page cache file is still served to ensure your site will load fast. As soon as our service optimizes the new content of your page, your site will automatically update the invalidated page with the new page.

#7 Automatic Optimization of Images

In the old NitroPack, this required manual work and setup, now this process is automated.

#8 Optimization Presets

The most common NitroPack settings for different cases are now combined in presets. The setup of the extension is now much easier and does not require you to go through so many options. In case you want to dive deep and tweak your setting, this is also an option.

#9 New and Improved OpenCart Extension Interface

All NitroPack features are now configured from an easy-to-use single screen.

#10 Multi-platform

Last, but not least, NitroPack.IO is a multi-platform service that integrates with any website via its Connectors and via its API