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Install an extension
Level: Easy

Suitable if you are running any of the following platforms

NitroPack for WordPress Official NitroPack plugin for WordPress star_rate5.00 (9 reviews)
NitroPack for OpenCart Official NitroPack plugin for OpenCart star_rate5.00 (4 reviews)
NitroPack for WooCommerce Official NitroPack plugin for WooCommerce star_rate5.00 (9 reviews)
NitroPack for Magento (Limited Support) Official NitroPack plugin for Magento, with limited support star_rate0 (0 reviews)
Integrate an SDK
Level: Medium

Suitable for custom platforms that run in any of the following programming languages

NitroPack PHP SDK Integrate NitroPack into your PHP-based website star_rate0 (0 reviews)
Integrate an API
Level: Medium

Suitable for any kind of websites, regardless if custom-built or platform-built

API Documentation
API documentation Go to the API documentation of NitroPack

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Common Questions

Page optimization means one page (URL) of your website being optimized once. If your page has versions (e.g. mobile and desktop), then this would be two optimizations, one for each version of the page.
No. Plans are monthly and there is no minimum term. You can change your plan or cancel at any time.
You need NitroPack in order to boost your website loading speed, improve your website conversions, and improve search engine page ranking. NitroPack is Google-PageSpeed-focused speed optimization tool.
NitroPack is just a different type of service. CloudFlare does only limited number of web-specific and content-specific optimizations, whereas NitroPack optimizes all the Google-suggested speed guidelines. NitroPack is designed to make your website load fast by boosting your PageSpeed Insights score.
No. You just need to connect it to your website by using one of our connectors.
It highly depends on the website. It will be usually 90+ for desktop and 75+ for mobile. If you get different score, please contact us for a private check.
Yes. The only requirement to have access to your website source code. You can install and connect NitroPack in less than 2 minutes.
NitroPack is very efficient and helpful for big traffic campaigns on your website. It makes your website skip the server work on each visitor landing on a public page, hence makes your server use much less CPU and memory for serving the same visitor base.
Sure, we have a referral program. If you are a studio or developer referring clients, please get in touch with us on
Yes, for more information please refer to our GDPR page
We do offer custom enterprise plans, SLA and resources based on your specific setup and needs. Feel free to share your custom needs by getting in touch with us.