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Install an extension
Level: Easy

Suitable if you are running any of the following platforms

NitroPack for WordPress The All-in-One Speed Optimization Plugin 5.00 (10 reviews)
NitroPack for OpenCart Official NitroPack plugin for OpenCart 5.00 (4 reviews)
NitroPack for WooCommerce Official NitroPack plugin for WooCommerce 5.00 (10 reviews)
NitroPack for Magento Official NitroPack plugin for Magento 0 (0 reviews)
Integrate an SDK
Level: Medium

Suitable for custom platforms that run in any of the following programming languages

NitroPack PHP SDK (Limited Support) Integrate NitroPack into your PHP-based website 0 (0 reviews)
Integrate an API
Level: Medium

Suitable for any kind of websites, regardless if custom-built or platform-built

API Documentation
API documentation Go to the API documentation of NitroPack

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Common Questions

No. With our connectors for WordPress, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento, anyone can use NitroPack regardless of their tech skills. Learn all you need to know about the NitroPack plans and speed up your site on autopilot.
You can install our extension on a WordPress, OpenCart, WooCommerce, or a Magento website. You can also integrate NitroPack's PHP SDK or API for custom or platform-build websites.
NitroPack works great on all websites, regardless of their size.

However, NitroPack is explicitly built for large e-commerce stores. They can take maximum advantage of advanced features like Cache Invalidation and Cache Warmup, especially during high-traffic situations.
No. WordPress doesn't allow two or more caching plugins to be activated at the same time.
NitroPack does everything related to image optimization. You don't need another plugin if you're using NitroPack.
NitroPack provides you with reliable global CDN. You don't need another CDN provider when working with NitroPack.
NitroPack works with the largest hosting providers and WordPress page builders, including CloudFlare, SiteGround, Kinsta, Cloudways, WPEngine, Sucuri, Varnish, GoDaddy, Elementor, and others.

Contact us if you're using a different hosting provider/service to see if NitroPack is compatible with it.
You can pay for NitroPack on a monthly or a yearly basis with a Debit/Credit card, PayPal (for some countries), and Amazon (for some countries). You can check out the full list of approved payment methods for each country here.
No. Our plans are monthly and annual, and there is no minimum term. You can cancel anytime.
No. You can sign up and test our Free Plan with the most important features for speed optimization. However, please note that a small NitroPack banner will be placed in your website's footer when you use the Free Plan. The logo will disappear automatically once you upgrade and clear your cache.
A page optimization occurs when NitroPack optimizes one page (URL) of your website. If your page has versions (e.g. mobile and desktop), two optimizations will occur, one for each version of the page.

After the page optimization, visitors can see the new, optimized version of your website. Unless you clear the optimized page cache (by invalidating or purging it) or change the content, new optimizations won't occur on this URL.
NitroPack and CloudFlare are very different services. CloudFlare does only a limited number of web-specific and content-specific optimizations. It has a more general focus on security and performance.

On the other hand, NitroPack optimizes your website, based on all the Google-suggested speed guidelines. It's designed to do one job: make websites fast.

Because they serve different purposes, you can use both NitroPack and CloudFlare at the same time.
It depends on your website. Most scores are usually 90+ for Desktop and 75+ for Mobile. If you get a lower score, please contact us for a private check.
Yes. You can request a custom agency quote via our Contact form. Please specify the number of sites you'd like to add to your plan and their combined monthly pageviews.
We do offer custom enterprise plans, SLA and resources based on your specific setup and needs. Feel free to share your custom needs by getting in touch with us.
Yes, we have a referral program. If you're a studio or a developer referring client, please get in touch with us on [email protected]