Inside OfficeRnD's 12.5% Boost In Conversions with NitroPack

Last updated on Jan 31st, 2024 | 4 min

As we approach instant browsing experiences in 2024, the expression “time is money” has never rung more true.

OfficeRnD learned this firsthand when they harnessed the power of NitroPack's web performance optimization, translating every millisecond of wait time saved into a 12.5% boost in key page conversions.

Read on to discover how speed became the currency of success in their journey to maximizing returns.

About OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD Home Page

OfficeRnD offers flexible workspace management software designed for coworking spaces, serviced offices, and flexible workspaces. Their platform helps manage spaces, members, billing, and more, catering to the needs of modern workspace operators and their communities.

Clients: 2,500+
Monthly Traffic: ~200,000
Number of Web Pages: 1,000+

Main Challenge

Faced with unsatisfactory SEO rankings, failed Core Web Vitals, subpar loading speed, large images and media, and slow JavaScript execution time across their website on mobile and desktop, OfficeRnD needed a complete solution that handles all aspects of performance optimization.

OfficeRnD Website Performance Before NitroPack Optimization

For OfficeRnD, one of their main product and high-traffic web pages, OfficeRnD Hybrid, was critical for optimization so as to enable both marketing and sales teams. The page was especially challenging as it features a large video above the fold, resulting in:

  • Slow initial load (especially when visitors land on the page from Google Ads)
  • Failed Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) due to unoptimized main page element
  • Unstable layout and laggy responsiveness to button clicks
  • Suboptimal bounce rates and significantly lower engagement rates
  • Higher Cost Per Click (CPC), lower page quality rating, and unsatisfactory ROI

OfficeRnD Product Page Example

Solving Performance Issues with NitroPack

Working closely with OfficeRnD, the NitroPack performance engineers configured optimizations to fit the specific needs of the client, as well as advised them on several custom iterations to their code for optimal results, like:

  • Reducing above-the-fold JavaScript-driven animations to avoid layout shifts
  • Reducing loading content conditionally via JavaScript as it blocks the main thread during execution

Key NitroPack features in action to OfficeRnD’s performance acceleration include:

  • Lazy Loading below-the-fold content for a faster initial page load, bandwidth savings, and smoother browsing experience;
  • Complete image and media optimization with advanced features like Adaptive Image Sizing and Video Facades allowed for an improved mobile experience and reduced page weight for faster loading;
  • CDN introduction, where caching and compression helped reduce latency, improve load times, and save users on slower networks and older devices vital data;
  • Static HTML cache generation with high expiration time to reduce server load;
  • Prefetching the next page on hover to improve the browsing experience within the website;
  • Combining CSS resources to reduce network requests.

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The Results: With and Without NitroPack

OfficeRnD Performance And Speed Results With NitroPack

In less than two months with NitroPack, OfficeRnD hit all major milestones in web performance they had set from the start:

10% increase in overall website conversion rate and 12.5% conversion rate boost for key product page
Passed Core Web Vitals
90+ Performance score on mobile
Resolved PageSpeed warnings for images, video, and JavaScript
Improved page weight
Boosted page quality ranking and SEO visibility

Let’s look at the breakdown more closely.

Core Web Vitals

With NitroPack, OfficeRnD registered 22,477 good experiences on pages passing Core Web Vitals in the last 30 days, as opposed to 201 without NitroPack.

By optimizing for real users with NitroPack, OfficeRnD now delivers exceptional experiences to 23x more visitors, nudging them to stay longer, browse more, and ultimately – increase conversions by over 12%.

OfficeRnD Core Web Vitals Pass Rate With NitroPack

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

With NitroPack, the notoriously challenging Core Web Vitals metric is no longer over the required threshold of 2.5s

With NitroPack, OfficeRnD loads pages for its site visitors as fast as 2.28s as opposed to  7.03s without NitroPack. The lightning-fast experience helps the company make an excellent first impression and allows users to interact with the website as early as possible.

OfficeRnD Page Load Time With NitroPack

Page Weight

The latest GTmetrix test reveals that OfficeRnD’s home page is 4.47 MB without NitroPack, compared to 294KB with NitroPack.

A lean web page allows for fast rendering of web content, reducing the time it takes for a page to load and become interactive on demand. This is especially beneficial for companies that operate internationally and have users visit from slower networks and older devices.

OfficeRnD Website Page Weight Before and After NitroPack

Performance Score

With NitroPack, the overall Performance Score of OfficeRnD’s website on mobile has improved, with 53 points hitting the green 90+ score. By following best practices as set by Google, the client’s website is now high-performing both on a technical and a real-world level.

OfficeRnD Performance Score On Mobile With NitroPack

Business Web Vitals

By optimizing their site for performance and speed with NitroPack, OfficeRnD is now successfully reaping the benefits of happy users who spend more time on their website and enjoy every second of it.

In fact, OfficeRnD has saved their users from waiting 133h 25m in the last 30 days alone!

OfficeRnD Saved Their Site Visitors Over 133 Hours Of Wait Time With NitroPack

The key service page now shows a significant increase in Google Ads mobile score of 8.3 (previously 4.5) and an increase in conversion rate of 12.5%, empowering OfficeRnD to attract and capture new leads more efficiently than ever before.

By leveraging NitroPack’s powerful optimization stack, OfficeRnD is able to maximize returns and grow its online business with a performant website that hits all the marks and convinces customers to keep coming back.

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