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  • Type: Extension
  • Platform: WooCommerce
  • Compatible with WooCommerce versions: 3.6.4, 3.6.3, 3.6.2, 3.6.1, 3.6.0
  • Last updated: 10 Mar, 2022

About NitroPack for WooCommerce

What is NitroPack IO? for WooCommerce is the most robust, light-weight, up-to-date website speed booster, designed for Google PageSpeed V5 (Lighthouse). analyzes Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse results for your website. Then NitroPack will run its optimization robot to present the possible non-human-assisted optimizations your website can achieve with us.

Why NitroPack IO?

Google Benchmark research shows that as page load time goes from 1 to 7 seconds. The probability of a visitor bouncing increases by 113%. A slow website affects E-commerce transactions, SEO and SEM rankings and frustrates your visitors. So most of them just come and go but very few actually purchasing. As a full-blown automated tool for boosting websites' PageSpeed NitroPack can help you to grow the number of happy customers and get a better conversion rate.

Main Features

- Perfect Google PageSpeed Score - once fully configured, NitroPack IO can deliver a striking 100 Google page speed score. The NitroPack servers perform parallel optimizations with different approaches and choose the highest scoring method to deliver. All of that while keeping your pages and website stable.

- Automatic Image Optimization - all of the images on your website are now automatically optimized for maximum quality and minimal weight. No manual optimization required. NitroPack handles the entire image optimization process for you.

- HTML, CSS & JS Minification - your website server won’t bare any of the optimization load and will remain free while the NitroPack servers handle all of the heavy HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Image optimization.

- Built-in CDN - NitroPack IO automatically enables CDN for your fonts, CSS, JS, and image files, all served via HTTP2 from the nearest edge location of Amazon.

Feel free to email us with any other questions.

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Most recent reviews

Tariqul Islam

I have one hosting site which one i managed from 7 years with autoptimize and WP Fastest Cache and other plugins also but when i found NitroPack i was surprize. Wow how they can manage this? Awesome! Now i have one request to NitroPack, Please reduce the subscription price, because lot of WordPress website now manage my website owner and they don't spend their money for a plugin. If NitroPack can reduce price, so we can sell and give support to our client's also. Thanks for good product.

Josef Carlo Velina

I have tried numerous caching plugins for our business website with abysmal mobile results. We found out about NitroPack just this week, tried and immediately produced results. We have removed WP Rocket, Asset CleanUp Pro and Imagify. NitroPack took care of all those plugins. Subscribed the very same day and will be installing NitroPack on all my other websites.

Tatevik Karapetyan

Simple in use, works great for speeding up website

Jacob Roy

After long hours of finding solutions to optimize my website on all page speed results, Nitro is by far the best solution for all my website speed and optimization needs.

Lal Pinnaduwage

I am very happy with Nitropack. I had problems with getting "not so good" evaluations from Google Page Speed and GTMatrix. Now they are quite good (A's). When I first installed it, there were some issues but Nitropack customer service was very helpful in addressing those issues. I now have their premium service, since I have over 500 pages at the website. Highly recommend!

Bryan Menhean

Was with swift performance and at the start they were fast but then too many issues started to happen and sometimes their support can be quite rude, changed to Nitropack and WOW amazed at their speed. Highly recommended.

Dino Pelle

5-STAR Speed Improvements! I've tried every cache-related plugin combination, including WP Rocket. NitroPack is the easiest (no setup!), lightest (works off-server), and fastest (per test results). I look at a site I've used it on and can almost feel the wind! And the Support Team is SiteGround-level superior! Thank you!!!

I am Ahmad

This is a fantastic plugin! I am uninstalling all my caching plugins and activating this one!

Graham George

My page scores have gone ballistic! 100 on Desktop, 100 on GT Metrix etc. This plugin is worth its weight in gold. Bye Bye Cloudflare, Bye Bye VPS.

James Ron

Excellent, five stars, very useful plugin! I've got 97 on desktop and 91 on mobile!