NitroPack Built-In CDN By Cloudflare: Accelerate Global Reach

Last updated on Feb 15th, 2024 | 6 min

We’re excited to announce that we’re now officially working with Cloudflare, to provide our built-in CDN.

After years of having AWS as our primary CDN provider, we decided that it was time for a change to make our product better today and further pave the way for faster and more advanced feature releases.

Side note: We didn’t cut all ties with Amazon. To ensure your exceptional performance at all times, we will use AWS as our fallback CDN provider.

Before diving into the motives behind our decision for this change, we need to clarify something crucial regarding our transition to Cloudflare.

Working with Cloudflare does not mean that we are now repackaging speed optimization solutions already provided by them. 

We will continue to develop and deliver our own speed optimization technologies. The only difference is that we will use Cloudflare’s global network to distribute them in the most efficient way.

As a company trusted by some of the largest businesses worldwide, we believe that Cloudflare’s infrastructure will allow NitroPack to reach new heights of growth.

Now, let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

In the following lines, we’ll answer some foundational questions regarding our transition to Cloudflare. Such as:

And we will wrap things up with some frequently asked questions.

Let’s begin.

Why We Decided to Work with Cloudflare

In an industry where adaptiveness and constant progress are the highest virtues, it’s safe to say that Cloudflare is a true embodiment of both of these things. All of their efforts are focused on building technologies that will make a real-world impact, which is the notion NitroPack was built on as well. 

We are proud to work with a company that shares similar visions to ours, and we believe that this transition will yield great results for all NitroPack users. 

And here are the three main reasons we decided to switch to Cloudflare:

  • To preserve world-class performance;
  • To further improve our security and data privacy;
  • To make NitroPack a solution for global websites - allowing us to introduce HTML edge caching.

Let me elaborate on each of them.

World-Class Performance

There is one thing we’d never compromise with - performance.

We wanted to select a CDN provider that could guarantee that our users would continue to enjoy a top-notch performance.

Having servers in 250 cities in more than 100 countries around the world, Cloudflare can offer ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery over a global edge network. 

Security & Privacy

Working with Cloudflare, we would be able to introduce even better security and privacy policies to our service.

We put a lot of emphasis on how we process and protect your data. That’s why we chose to work with a company whose policies around personal information align strongly with ours and the GDPR’s requirements.

HTML Edge Caching: Another Step into Improving Your Real-World Performance

While the first two aspects were essential for the final decision, being able to develop HTML edge caching was the primary stimulus for us to look for a new CDN partnership.

Cloudflare’s network has all the necessary ingredients to support our endeavor in the best way possible. Their team is as excited about innovation as ours, and we quickly recognized we could work together to create something revolutionary.

Building HTML edge caching and adding it to NitroPack’s rich portfolio of features is crucial for us, considering its effect on your website’s performance in the real world. We will guarantee you even better Core Web Vitals results and user experience once we deploy it (stay tuned for that). 

On top of that, HTML edge caching will expand our compatibility, and our service will be able to work with other global technologies, including those already integrated with Cloudflare.

What Benefits You Are Already Enjoying


1. From 99.9% to 100% CDN Measurement Accuracy 

We are a team of perfectionists, and we've all enjoyed the amazing feeling of improving our CDN measurements from 99.9% to 100% accuracy.

Simply put, we took another step into providing you with a more reliable web performance optimization service.

2. Cutting-edge Technologies

On top of everything that Cloudflare does exceptionally well, we cannot miss that they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and are constantly striving to introduce them first. 

For instance, switching to Cloudflare’s CDN, we can now provide you with HTTP/3. 

HTTP/3 is the next major revision of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). HTTP/3 will affect how web browsers and servers communicate, with significant upgrades for user experience, including performance and security.

3. Faster Support Response Times

The quality of our support is a constant work in progress, and we’re always striving to enhance it even further.

Thanks to the exceptional tooling Cloudflare provides, all CDN-related support tickets are now handled faster and with much better insight on our side.

What Future Plans Do We Have? 

Deploying HTML edge caching is our primary mission for 2022. It will help clients with global audiences vastly improve their real-world performance, pass their Core Web Vitals, improve the user experience on their websites, and in turn - increase their conversion rates. 

This partnership opens the doors to bold new speed improvements that we can pursue to make NitroPack even better. 

Why not even a DNS integration that can make it possible for sites outside the popular CMS platforms we currently support to use NitroPack without installing a plugin? 

This CDN transition offers endless possibilities. So stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I have to do anything on my side? 

No. The transition from Amazon to Cloudflare’s CDN is now completed, and everything works as expected. 

2. Should I purge my cache?

No, there is no need to purge your cache. 

3. I already have a Cloudflare account, can I use my account for CDN?

No, unfortunately, this is not feasible for now. Using your existing Cloudflare as a NitroPack CDN would require a special setup on your side which we do not support. Even if you were to do the correct setup yourself, you might end up in a bad situation down the line in case we change any of the parameters that are required for this to work.

In Conclusion

We couldn’t have wished for a better start to 2022! 

Working with one of the best in the business to make our service even better.

We have exciting plans for the future and NitroPack’s growth. A lot of projects are already under development, and we can’t wait to show them to the world. 

Join our Speed Insiders program to be the first to experience our upcoming features. 

Niko Kaleev
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